STAR/VISA Debit Card – ATM Cards

  • Must have a APS Checking Account to qualify for a STAR/VISA Debit card.
  • Your APS STAR/VISA Debit Card is part of the STAR© and VISA© Networks.
  • Use your card where you see the VISA or STAR logo
  • You can use your APS STAR/VISA Debit Card to get cash and make purchases across the U.S. – wherever you see the the VISA or STAR brand.
New Card, More Options!!!

The card simply does more. Wherever you see the VISA or STAR logo, you can use your card like before – just swipe it and enter your PIN.

Quick, Easy Secure…

From ATM’s and grocery stores to gas stations and discount chains, your APS STAR/VISA Debit Card is a quick, easy and secure way to get cash and make purchases. And it travels well, too. Your APS STAR/VISA Debit Card is great for trips across town or across the country.

Coast-To-Coast Convenience…

You can use your APS STAR/VISA Debit Card at more places; more states, more ATM’s, more retail locations. Coast-to-Coast, you only have to look for the VISA or Star brand to get cash or make purchases.

Debit Card Limits…

With credit card fraud on the rise, the Credit Union has placed limits on certain transactions when you use your APS Debit Cards.  Rest assured, these limits were put in place to protect the funds in your account.  These limits are outlined below:

  • $200.00 per day ATM withdrawal
  • $1,000.00 per single transaction with a $2,000.00 limit per day

If at any time you plan on shopping or making a purchase that will exceed these limits, please call the Credit Union so that we can make temporary changes to these limits.

For more information on the APS STAR/VISA Card…

Contact the Credit Union Office to get your APS STAR/VISA Debit Card and to get all the details on how the APS STAR/VISA Debit Card can work for you!

Lost/Stolen APS STAR/VISA Debit Card-
  • Call 1-800-223-8919 during office hours. (Mon – Fri, 7PM to 3PM)
  • Call 1-800-523-4175  after hours.